Cate McCrea is A theater artist

Also a set designer, scenographer, material dramaturg. Inveterate collaborator, archive diver, amateur historiographer.

My practice is anchored by the use of context as a tool to make meaning. Daydreaming on a foundation of exhaustive research.

During the pandemic shutdown, I've been exploring the interplay of text and image in a non-theatrical setting. Especially preoccupied with historical silence and archival stowaways, the provisional and the approximate, and questions of care and accountability in artwork.

Ongoing projects include the Museum of Outdoor Dining.

Proud union member of USA-829. Invested in an accessible, explicitly anti-racist, and sustainability-focused future for the US theater.

Get in touch: catemccrea@gmail.

An illustration of a curly-haired woman sitting down. She rests an elbow on her knee, her chin hovering just above her wrist.